Okay, so I watched PBB last night and it was announced that the audience can nominate to evict and actually evict people from the house. It was naturally the next path to go to: this show has to come up with new ways to be presented to have a hold of its audience anyway.

So, I was in the Twitter world after the show, and I can’t believe the tweets that came from the trending word Loisa. Oh, how they hate this girl. And this hate magnifies because the show gives the people the power to show this hate (by nomination/eviction). 

That’s when I realized why Facebook doesn’t have a dislike/hate button. Giving everyone the license to hate will do no good for the world. Well, except for ABS-CBN.

See, how do you get to have this license to hate in PBB? Simple. By texting BBN Name to 2nnn for Smart and 2331 for Globe subs. Additional entries if you text using the Kapamilya Mobile Sim (kidding here, but it’s a good idea, ABS. Go use my idea for free. Go.)The network is actually generating profit from the viewers’ hate, guys. I can see more airtime for Loisa, and it will highlight her negative traits of course.


Birthday Wishlist 2014

1. Sili plant

2. Basil plant

3. Senna plant

4. Lemongrass plant

5.Human Nature buyers hehe

6. Sweet wine

7. Sandman Overture (!!!)

8. World peace :D

9. Hotel accommodation for two

10. Thesis helpers

11. New phone 

12. Fruits (for a week, or a month. Because they are damn expensive.)

13. GoT Season 3 episodes

14. Makeup

15. Coffee with friends

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