Birthday Wishlist 2014

1. Sili plant

2. Basil plant

3. Senna plant

4. Lemongrass plant

5.Human Nature buyers hehe

6. Sweet wine

7. Sandman Overture (!!!)

8. World peace :D

9. Hotel accommodation for two

10. Thesis helpers

11. New phone 

12. Fruits (for a week, or a month. Because they are damn expensive.)

13. GoT Season 3 episodes

14. Makeup

15. Coffee with friends

Water Resistant | 100% Natural 

Celebrate the exuberance of summer with this truly natural, family-safe, and reef-friendly sunscreen! 

Our SAFEBLOCK SPF 15 blocks 93% of skin-burning UVB rays. Did you know that SPF 30 blocks 97% of UVB rays, only 4% more, while SPF 50 blocks 98%? Not as much difference between them as we all think! Our broad spectrum SAFEBLOCK is also rated PA+++, the highest possible rating against skin-aging UVA rays - all without using any of the reef-harming chemicals that most sunscreens contain! 

200g - P549.75
50g - P224.75

Available starting March 22, 2014

Contact me for orders :) 0922-2425334

In reply to which I tell you flatly that if your ordinary day’s work is thus exhausting, then the balance of your life is wrong and must be adjusted. A man’s powers ought not to be monopolised by his ordinary day’s work.
- How to live 24 hours a day, by Arnold Bennett

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